Why build with Insulated Concrete Forms? Insulated Concrete Form walls provide a continuous layer of insulation, keeping the temperature the same everywhere. It virtually eliminates the 'cold spots' that can occur in frame walls along the studs or at gaps in the insulation. Homes built with ICF's are extremely airtight. The contiuous foam shell filled with concrete makes air infiltration almost impossible. Test prove that ICF homes had up to one-third to one-half as much air infiltration as the typical frame house. Heavy concrete in the ICF wall gives it the heat-absorbing property of 'thermal mass'. This allows for constant temperatures during heating and cooling cycles. ICF homes are also very quiet, you may see traffic outside your window, but you would not hear it. So you ask, Why build with Insulated Concrete Forms? We say, Why Not!! Insulated Concrete form homes are quiet, comfortable, and provide even temperatures, protecting your family against the harshness of the outdoors.

Tri-State Insulated Concrete Forms services Southeastern Minnesota, Northeast Iowa, and the Coulee region of Wisconsin. Our company has over ten years experience in the ICF business, providing knowledge and support to contractors and homeowners. We distribute the Reward iForm and Tritex Xillix form, along with all the accessories needed to build your dream home.

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