From the outside you would never guess a Reward house is made of concrete. That’s because of the unique design of the recessed plastic ties within the Reward expanded polystyrene (EPS) forms. These ties act as furring strips and allow your Reward home to be finished inside and out just like any other house…except your Reward house will be much stronger and better insulated.

A Reward house can have design features like curved walls and arched windows—Reward easily adapts to any floor plan you choose

A Reward concrete home offers safe haven from the noise and pollution of the outside world.

Clean and Quiet

The first thing you notice in a Reward house is how quiet it is. Reward walls have achieved a sound transmission class decibel rating that makes it one of the “quietest” building products on the market. In a Reward house you can turn up the volume on the stereo without bothering the neighbors. And the noise of a lawn mower outside would be reduced to the level of a whisper inside.

The next thing you notice is the wonderful quality of the air. Reward walls greatly reduce the amount of air infiltration, and therefore reduce the level of airborne dust and allergens. If, like many of us, you or your family members are prone to allergies, you will breathe easier…and you won’t have to dust nearly as often!

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